May 7, 2024

School is winding down as we prepare for summer, which is now mostly booked full of activities. My wife has been busy with PTO, volunteering, Girl Scouts, and a part-time job. Most of that will wind down, only to be replaced with summer busyness and keeping the kids occupied.

Our youngest child is finishing 3rd grade, and our oldest is graduating 5th grade and moving on to middle school next year. I suddenly realize how sad it will be to live so close to the elementary school once we no longer have any kids attending school there.

At work, I’ve been working on the same project for nearly three years now — the re-write of an old point-of-sale system. We have a big release coming up in the next month or two. I’m feeling more comfortable with Vue, JavaScript, and TypeScript lately, but I would love to get back to writing more CSS.

My wife and I are working our way through reading The Steerswoman series together. We just finished watching the first seasons of Fallout and The Gentlemen, and we started on Welcome to Wrexham season 3. I’m up to 46 movies for the year, and my full watch history can be viewed on Letterboxd. I upgraded to the Pro plan on Letterboxd a few months ago and have enjoyed it — I might not be able to go back now.

Even though my Penguins didn’t make the playoffs again this year, I’ve still been watching games whenever I can. A (very) small part of me kind of enjoys the ability to be a hockey fan without all the stress and investment, but I’m really hoping the Penguins can make it back in at least one more time before Sidney Crosby retires.