Vue.js Nation 2024


Start date:
January 24, 2024
End date:
January 25, 2024


State of Vue School 2024
Alex Kyriakidis, Founder & CEO Vue School, Author of the first Vue.js book
QnA with the Creator of Vue.js
Evan You, Creator of Vue.js and Vite
Pinia Disasterclass
Eduardo San Martin Morote, Creator of Pinia and Vue Router, Mastering Pinia instructor
Vue Fortified: Best Practices for Web App Security
Ramona Schwering, Developer Advocate at Auth0 by Okta
5 Patterns for Better Components
Michael Thiessen, Mastering Nuxt 3 Instructor, Vue.js Educator
Open Source eCommerce with Nuxt and Vue Storefront
Filip Rakowski, Co-founder & CDXO VueStorefront
Exploring TinyMCE: From Open Source to a ChatGPT AI Assistant with Vue Integration
Fredrik Danielsson, Product Manager TinyMCE
Let’s Build: Crafting a Nuxt 3 App from Scratch
Daniel Roe, Head of Nuxt Framework
Scalable Forms in Vue
Justin Schroeder, Creator of FormKit
Accelerating frontend development with stateful BFFs
Olivier Poupeney, Head of Developer Relations
Quasar - One Code Base, All The Platforms!
Luke Diebold, Quasar Core Team Member, Senior Web Developer
QnA Live with the Vue Core Team
Guillaume Chau, Vue.js Core Team
Eduardo San Martin Morote, Creator of Pinia and Vue Router, Mastering Pinia instructor
Building Component with Primitives using Radix Vue
Kong Eu Zern, Frontend Lead, Core team member of Radix Vue, Shadcn Vue
Blueprint 2024: A Vuetify Roadmap
John Leider, Creator of Vuetify
We may not need component (unit) testing
Maya Shavin, Senior SE Microsoft, VueJS Israel Founder
How to create 3D experiences using Vue with TresJS
Alvaro Saburido, Developer Relations at Storyblok, Author of TresJS
PrimeVue | The Next-Gen UI Component Library
Cagatay Civici, Founder of PrimeTek
Collaboration + Creativity with CKEditor 5’s Advanced Features and GPT powered AI Assistant
Mrinalini Sugosh, Developer Relations Manager CKEditor
Unlocking Reusability with Generically Typed Vue.js Components
Abdelrahman Awad, Author of VeeValidate, Senior Engineer at Rasayel
Common Mistakes in Vue.js and How to Avoid Them
Daniel Kelly, Lead Vue School Instructor, Vue.js Forge Master of Code
Migrating Your Nuxt/Vue App to TypeScript
Millan Singh, Founder/Developer PushBrand
Prevent, Catch and Fix Accessibility Issues
Maria Lamardo, Digital Design Accessibility Manager at CVSHealth, Web A11y Consultant