CodeWord Conf


Start date:
September 21, 2023
End date:
September 21, 2023


Modern Monolithic: Modern Approaches to Content Management with a Monolithic CMS
Miriam Schwab, Head of WordPress Relations at Elementor
Composability: The New Architect in Town
Harshil Agrawal, Developer Advocate at Contentful
Losing Your Head Without Losing Your (SEO) Juice
Nancy Du, Director of Digital Strategy at
7 Best Practices for Writing Documentation (For Those Who Would Rather Do Anything Else)
Lauren Schaefer, Staff Developer Advocate at Grammarly
“Throw it all out”: Why Teams Abandon Their CMS
Michael Trythall, Director of Strategy at Lincoln Loop
From Good to Great: my Quest for the Best Search Experience
Paul Jankowski, Senior Software Engineer at Algolia
Authenticity and Adaptation
Cassidy Williams, CTO at Contenda
Beyond Alt Descriptions: Authoring Accessible Content
Homer Gaines, Staff UI Engineer at Guru
How Markdown Can Stop Hurricanes
Ben Holmes, Core Maintainer at Astro
Striking the Right Balance on Content: A Conversation with Chris Coyier
Chris Coyier, Co-founder of CodePen