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Start date:
January 26, 2022
End date:
January 27, 2022


New Vue 3 Docs
Evan You, Creator of Vue.js
LIVE Panel with Evan You
Evan You, Creator of Vue.js
7 ways to make your Vue unit tests better
Natalia Tepluhina, Vue.js Core Team Member, Staff Frontend Engineer at Gitlab
State of Vue School 2022
Alex Kyriakidis, Founder & CEO Vue School, Author of the first Vue.js book
Getting started with payments in Vue 3
Charles Watkins, Developer Advocate at Stripe
Lightning talks: Introduction to Vitest
Anthony Fu, Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Vite.js Core team member
Lightning talks: Headless Marketing Site with Nuxt & Dato
Dominic Blain, Developer at Snipcart
Lightning talks: UI Components for Vue 3
Łukasz Holeczek, Founder of CoreUI
Nuxt 3 and Nitropack
Pooya Parsa, Head of Nuxt Framework
The secret Power of DX in the Vueniverse
Alex Jover Morales, Developer Relations at Storyblok
Thinking about accessibility so no one else has to
Austin Gil, Web Developer
The Quasar Framework: Winning Hearts And Blowing Minds!
Luke Diebold, Quasar Core Team Member, Senior Web Developer
Migrating From Vue CLI to Vite
Daniel Kelly, Lead Vue School Instructor, Senior Full Stack Developer, Nuxt & Vue Enthusiast
Visualize your State Management with XState
Maya Shavin, Senior SE at Microsoft, Writer, VueJSIsrael Founder
The Future of Component Testing
Amir Rustamzadeh, Director of Developer Experience at Cypress, Software Developer
Composing Vue.js Forms with vee-validate
Abdelrahman Awad, Senior Frontend Engineer at Octopods, Author of VeeValidate
Develop Performant Ecommerce with Nuxt + Shopify
Justin Metros, Head of Technology at Universal Standard
Nuxt 3 - From Zero to Hero
Daniel Roe, Nuxt Core Team member
Nuxt Core Team LIVE Panel
Sébastien Chopin, Creator of Nuxt.js, Co-Founder of Nuxt Labs
Daniel Roe, Nuxt Core Team member
Pooya Parsa, Head of Nuxt Framework
A Different Vue into Web Performance
Abhijeet Prasad, Software Engineer at Sentry
Beyond State Management with Pinia
Eduardo San Martin Morote, Vue.js Core Team member, Creator of Pinia
What you need to build successful Open Source product at scale - lessons learned from building Vue Storefront (and not only)
Filip Rakowski, CTO and Co-Founder of Vue Storefront