Jamstack Conf 2021


Start date:
October 6, 2021
End date:
October 6, 2021


Jamstack: how it started, how it’s going
Matt Biilmann, Co-founder & CEO, Netlify
Dana Lawson, Netlify
Paul Copplestone, Supabase
Evan You, Vite & Vue
Rich Harris, SvelteKit
Jamsnack: GSAP 3.8 Released including new features for ScrollTrigger
Cassie Evans, Greensock
Twilio Console: A Large Scale Migration to Jamstack
Harrison Harnisch, Tech Lead, Staff Software Engineer, Twilio
Exploring Vue 3’s Ecosystem
Ben Hong, Staff Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
Transitional Apps
Rich Harris, Graphics Editor, The New York Times
WordPress at the Edge with Next.js & the Jamstack
Colby Fayock, Developer Advocate, Applitools
Lightning Launch: Astro
Matthew Phillips, Software Engineer, Skypack
Lightning Launch: Supabase
Jon Meyers, Developer Advocate, Supabase
Lightning Launch: Sanity
Kapehe, Developer Relations, Sanity
Lauren Etheridge, Developer Relations Specialist, Sanity
Jamsnack: RedwoodJS
Tom Preston-Werner, RedwoodJS
Jamstack Is Eating The World
Laurie Voss, Senior Data Analyst, Netlify
CSS-TRICKZ - Bad Ideas, and Efficient Ways to Build Them
Alex Riviere, Developer Experience Engineer, Mural
The 11ty, Vite and JAM sandwich | a recipe for making the static interactive
Ben Holmes, Fullstack Web Developer, Peloton
Low code serverless functions with WebAssembly-powered DSLs
Michael Yuan, Founder, WasmEdge Runtime
Jamsnack: Gatsby v4
Ward Peeters, Gatsby
Gatsby 4x4
Lucie Haberer, Developer Experience Engineer, Prismic
Nouha Chhih, Developer Experience Manager, Prismic
Nick Dejesus, Developer Experience Engineer, Prismic
Angelo Ashmore, Developer Experience Engineer, Prismic
The next generation of Jamstack performance is… less JS!
Yang Zhang, Co-founder, Plasmic
Security is the “s” in Jamstack
Maricris Bonzo, Developer Advocate, Magic
Jamsnack: 11ty 1.0 Release
Zach Leatherman, Creator, Eleventy
Jamsnack: Angular
Emma Twersky, DevRel Engineer, Google
“Synthless” Jams With Your Friends
Phil Miller, Sr. Engineer, DevRel, Daily
Jamstack is for E-commerce at any size
Justin Metros, Head of Technology, Universal Standard
Nicole Bender, Head of eCommerce, Universal Standard
Speeding up Singapore’s COVID-19 response with the Jamstack
Kwa Jie Hao, Software Engineer, Open Government Products
How migrating my tool to Jamstack made me a better open source denizen
Moriel Schottlender, Principal Systems Architect, Wikimedia Foundation